Tuesday, April 14, 2009

'The Bunnyman' sighting!

Easter of Evil:We got news straight from Blackberry Acres today! In Ms. Kay's kindergarten class, the tykes got the shock of their lifetime. Apparently, it was storytime and several children saw 'The Bunnyman". After the Harold Shipman Hospital Incident nearly two decades earlier, nurmerous people have been slaughtered still and Bunnyman is a town legend. One child screamed, and panic ensued. After a nap, they were settled down. But at Arts and Crafts time, many childrens drawings were........well, let's take a look.
Easter of Evil:This one was drawn by Little Johnny, a child found murdered along with his sister the following Easter Sunday.
Johnny Lancaster (2003-2009) and Marie Lancaster (1983-2009) were both very special children, and they will be missed. They will be survived by their parents, Walter and Julia Lancaster, and our best of luck goes out to them.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Little Johnny's Sweet Lil' Poem

Johnny's sister went down to the easter part-y.
Johnny cried "You should be watching me!"
Big Sister just couldn't find her keys!
Now The Bunnyman killed sister and Little Johnny.


Easter of Evil: I seem to have found a newspaper clipping from 1981. I had it typed up, but I guess the other side ripped. We already have the text typed so here's the clipping and the article.


BLACKBERRY ACRES, OR- In the city of Blackberry Acres, all seems fine. The towering building ahead, the promising city life, the easiness of it all. The tallest of them all is Harold Shipman Hospital. Helicopters rush in and put people on it's high buildings. The red cross always promises help. The tall white building represented ope and purity. But who would have thought, on April 7th, 1981, that such a tragedy would have befelled Oregon. Indeed, it is one of the worst child murders to strike the Beaver State in several decades. In the children's ward, room 206, two children, a clown, and a man in his thirties were found dead. The first child was covered neatly with the hospital sheets, with a pillow on the child's head. The second was almost an identical match, so neat, as if the children were to sickly to fight back. The man and the clownwere a diffrent story. The clowns face was bashed in, with a chrome blood-soaked golf club near. The man's body was decapitated, the head resting on the floor beside him. Hospital officials recognise him as Henry Feldman, a man supposed to entertain children in a pink bunny costume for the approaching easter. The costume was gone at the scene of the crime. The real question is, do the citizens of Blackberry Acres know about this incident? Or is Oregon hiding this from the public, merely to make it easier upon themselves?
-written by Ken Manfredini

Friday, April 10, 2009

Flatline (written in 2008; due for rewrite)

I don't really like this story that much, I might rewrite it.
May 11, 1981, 11:59 a.m.

Harold Shipman Hospital

Mrs. Harris?

Mrs. Harris?!

Mrs. Harris had rolled over face-down in her bed. Alice turned the woman over and checked her pulse.

"Great.", she sighed as she bent over to turn of the lamp on the side table, taking one of the sugar cookies placed there and a rose from the vase. She placed the rose in her hair.

At that moment, Dr. Winters entered the room.

Nurse Alice ran up and almost tackled the doctor to the floor. Luckily, he was still standing.
Alice curled her lip. "Do I have to?"
Alice suddenly heard screaming from down the hall.
Alice was a bit skeptical upon coming in. She always was afraid of the patient dying. She was afraid of death. She checked the file by the door. It read Delilah Gray She saw a young pretty girl with pale white skin, pressed against the wall screaming her lungs out. It appeared Alice's hands were behind her back. She then saw that a spray of blood was across her pearl-colored skin. a pure white golf club was covered with blood on the pure white floor, with a black leather golf bag with more clubs nearby. A man had his face hideosly distorted, his eyes hanging by its viscera with brains spilling out the caved in...thing..that had once been his face. She gulped as she approached the girl who got up and hugged her. Alice quickly jammed the sedation into her back as she placed the girl in bed, her falling asleep. She foolishly poot it on the sidetable as she left the room screaming.
May 12, 1981, 1:00 a.m.

Harold Shipman Hospital
Delilah Gray was left sleeping in her bed.
"Sam, what will we do with the body?" Alice said, facing Dr. Winters in a decidingly worried tone.
"The police won't come for hours. What would that help anyways....They're the most dangerous thing in our world, next to Helen Keller with a bazooka"
Alice sighed. Sam quickly replied, trying to lift his girlfriends spirits.
"I suppose we could place him in the morgue."
Alice's spirits were not heightened in the least, as two men in white suits sealed the body and proceded down stairs.
May 12, 1981, 1:30 a.m.

Harold Shipman Hospital
The two security guards, not watching the screens, turned away to the latest TV hit. On the screen was a grisly image indeed, and they would not want to turn around to see the horrible image before them.
On the screen was a morbidly obese man in a bed, his fat folds still holding in grease, his face covered with sweat just by the effort made sitting up. His head was bald, his necks were mutiple. You cold still see his fis flab through his large, stretched out hospital gown that still looked to small on him, though it was probally the largest size they had. He looked side to side, making sure noone was looking, as he reached behind the curtain with a cafe of food, literally stacked upon one another to fit on it. He then used his flabby, grease-covered arms to reach for a fork behind the turquoise curtain. But something else was clutching the cold metal fork. Tjhe hand threw back the curtain. There, was a horrifying figure. It was a large pink rabbit suit, wet with much blood, the red almost blending in with the pink, dripping even. It's large head had it's small,dark black marble eyes. It had a small magenta-colored velvet nose.Also, it had no mouth, leaving it's face cold and emotionless. The figure lifted it's hands in the air as the fat man let out one last scream. He shove it into his folds, then up again, thrusting it in his fat, merely piercing the skin, as he let it down a third time, into his head as a large crack sound was heard.
Three doctors ushered in, then the killer reached for something behind his back: A golf club. As he decapitated the doctors in a spray of blood.
He left the room, weapon in hand.
May 12, 1981, 2:00.

Harold Shipman Hospital
Delilah woke up on Dr. Winters shoulders, him and Alice running down the hall at breakneck speed, the bunny- assailant running at them faster.
Sam quickly threw open the morgue door, slamming it in the killers face.
She then lifted herself off his shoulders.
In Dr. Winters hand was a scalpel. In Alice's was a tumor drill. In hers was a handgun, maybe placed in there by Alice.
The killer literally smashed through the morgue door, in a shower of nails and wood chips. He lifted up Sam and Dr.Winters, as Alice fleed in terror. He smashed there head into eachother, Alice taking the most damage. She was spasming violently on the ground, thrashing around as her hands smacked the floor and her eyes rolled back in her head. Both of weapons flew. The Bunnyman grabbed the drill. As Sam tried to escape, the murderer clutched his hair and slammed the drill into his forehead, satarting it up as his skull flew everywhere, his skin being twisted into the drill and tearing off his face, spraying into a mist of blood and brain pieces, as his head literally exploded, making pulsing, grey veiny brain matter fly on Alice. He grabbed the scalpel as held screaming Alice down, as he cut her from neck in her pelvic regions, gutting her like a deer, as he held her upside down, her intestines dumping on the ground, steaming and still filled with feces, her stomach spiiling out gastromic acid, and her still beating heart serving as a cherry on top of the pile of organs.
May 12, 1981, 2:15

Harold Shipman Hospital
Delilah sat in the closet, crying with tears streaming down her pale, white, bruised face. Her hosptal gown made her cold, along with her bare feet against the cold hospital floor. As she screamed for help, she could hear him coming.The man. The Bunnyman. She could see his shadow along the walls of the morgue. She screamed and cryed, yelping and hiccuping, as she pulled out the handgun and cocked it in her mouth.